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Papillon Mécanique


Procedural Animation



Using SideFX’s Houdini, Papillon Mécanique explores mechanical local motion through procedural animation. The pieces are animated using sine and cosine functions to create the repetitive

synced motions, appearing to be responsive with one another very effectively, in a short

amount of production time.



Atlas Moth


Models and Expressions

The wings move from hinges attached underneath each wing. A static rod is attached to the outside of each hinge and down to the pedestal.
The movement comes from the center pole forcing the center
of the butterfly up and down. The same sine expression is
applied to the y translation of each wing and center pole.
Left Wing Animation
Right Wing Animation
The handle turning uses an expression that controls the up and down movement of the center pole. A bar inside of the handle circle rotates around inside of the opening in the center pole.
Center Pole Animation
Handle Animation


Stationary & Mechanical Parts


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