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Starbucks Logo Ident



Just about everyone that has bought a coffee from Starbucks or any place that requires someone to put your name on something, it’s always interesting to see what name you get back. Starbuck prides itself on providing its customers with personal interaction, that unique connection between the barista and the customer. Using a funny, very common experience, this concept takes this name game and shows that the company can laugh at itself too sometimes. Because just like each name, barista’s handwriting, the attempted spelling of a name, or maybe even the name the customer decides to go by that day, every cup Starbucks gives its customers is as unique as the coffee inside.


The design process for this class project was very enjoyable, thanks to the community that decided to share their name game experience. After posting on Facebook to get some name ideas, my status was flooded with comments and laughing emoji’s. Credit also has to be given to a few friends that wanted to take a stab writing on a Wacom tablet to give some variation to the handwriting of the names, an equally entertaining experience.




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